RAWALPINDIA (Eshfak Mughal):- The District and Session Judge Rawalpindi has given verdict to increase the sentence of imprisonment and fine to an convicted in a child pornography case ans said that such persons can’t deserve any relaxation.

District and Sessions Judge Rawalpindi Muhammad Tanveer Akbar, after reviewing the verdict in the child pornography case and re-trial, added one more year in prison and a fine of Rs.1.1 billion, while under various provisions, the offender was sentenced to a total of twenty-two years imprisonment and a fine of two million rupees have been awarded.

The court termed making a video of a minor child raping him and later extorting money and threatening to kill him as a ‘heinous act’ and remarked that ‘those guilty of this kind of abuse of innocent children are a disgrace to the society. There are cancers who cannot deserve any concession.

During the re-trial, the accused was also shown videos and photographs taken by him in the court.
After revision of the verdict and re-trial, the accused has been sentenced to one more year in prison and the fine has been increased to Rs.1.1 million.

The case was registered on July 29 last year in the complaint of the child’s mother in Kallar Saidan police station, in which it was alleged that the 21-year-old accused had raped his child and made a video of it, after which the accused blackmailed the child, threatening to kill and also kept accepting money.

On May 30, Additional District and Sessions Judge Rawalpindi Syed Mohammad Ilyas sentenced seven years imprisonment and Rs100 thousands fine under 292-A and 14 years imprisonment and R1.0 million under 292-C. However, the court acquitted the co-accused.

The convicted accused challenged the decision of the subordinate court in the High Court, on which Justice Sohail Nasir of the Rawalpindi bench remanded the case and directed the District and Sessions Judge Rawalpindi to hear the case itself.

On the completion of the trial yesterday, the court sentenced the accused Usman to seven years imprisonment and a fined of Rs.0.2 million under 292-A and 15 years imprisonment and fined Rs2 million.

According to the court decision, both the punishments of the accused will be executed simultaneously.
According to cyber crime officials, this is the first such case in which the punishment has been increased in retrial of the case. According to him, earlier in this type of cases, appeals have been made in the High Court after the conviction in the Sessions Court.

According to the child pornography provision of the Anti-Electronic Crimes Act, 2015, if a person makes an indecent image or video of a child or does so in the course of sexual exploitation, the person who creates, sells or transmits the image is guilty of an offence.

He can be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of seven years or with a fine of Rs.5 million or both.

Parents or guardians of the affected child can also request the authorities to remove the relevant content from the internet.

Similarly, if anyone makes, shares or sells nude photos or videos of an adult, he is also guilty of an offense punishable with imprisonment for three years or a fine of Rs.1.0 million or both.

According to the Cyber Crime Act, if a person harasses someone on social media or the Internet, talks indecent, or does any act that causes mental distress, it is also an offense punishable with three years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1.0 million.

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