ISLAMABAD (Adeeb Kakar):- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to announce a much awaited reserved verdict about foreign funding case against Pakistan Tehrik Insaf today

According to the detail, ECP, the verdict will be announced at 10 AM in the morning at Islamabad.

Former PTI member Akbar S Babar had filed petition against PTI chairman Imran Khan on Nov 2014 that he allegedly received millions of dollar from foreign prohibited accounts.

The ECP was hearing PTI prohibited foreign funding case since eight years and had reserved a verdict on 21st June 2022.

Akbar S Babar has alleged that PTI received $3 million through money laundering from gulf countries in different employees accounts which has never been disclosed in annual audit report as per law.

It is pertinent to mentioned here that that every political party should have submitted audit report in the Election Commission, as per law.

The PTI has tried to get stay instead of fighting the case in the ECP. It has filed an application in Islamabad High Court to stop their scrutiny of accounts process in ECP. Delaying tactics was adopted by the PTI to linger on the proceedings.

In February 2017, Islamabad High Court had sent back the case proceeding to ECP on the matter of jurisdiction either ECP has the domain or not to hear this case. However, ECP full bench had heard the case and decided that the case falls under the jurisdiction of the Commission 8 May 2017.

The PTI failed to satisfy the ECP as it could not provide a sufficient proof of prohibited funding during proceeding of scrutiny of foreign funding case.

The ECP had been established a scrutiny committee to scrutinize the PTI foreign prohibited funding in March 2018.

The PTI had filed four petition in Election Commission on 1st October 2019 to scrutinize the accounts secretly whereas ECP was reserved the verdict on 4 application. The ECP scrutiny committee had rejected a 10 accounts audit reports which was provided by the PTI. This matter was brought again in Islamabad High Court by the PTI. The ECP has started to hear the foreign funding case day to day from November 2019.

The scrutiny Committee has presented audit reports in the Election Commission.

The ECP three member bench headed by Chief Election Commissioner has reserved the verdict on PTI prohibited foreign funding case on 21 June 2022.

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