ISLAMABAD (our reporter) :- Pakistani authorities have reported 371 positive fresh cases of Covid-19 and one death during last 24 hours which is substantially less than from yesterday’s 582 cases.

According to the National Institute of Health Islamabad, the country registered 371 fresh cases of Corvid-19 after diagnostic testing on 13,439 samples during the last 24 hours.

The authorities reported lowest numbers of pandemic after 13 July when the country registered 236 fresh cases of corona virus.

Positivity ratio of Covid-19 cases decreased as compared to the last day, according to the NIH data

After the new cases, the total positive cases of corona virus have been climbed to 1,551,251 in the country. The positivity ratio was lightly decreased from 3 percent to 2.76 percent as compared to 24 July 2022.

Yesterday, one person died and 184 are still in critical situation due to corona pandemic.

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