ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal) :- The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) officers exert political pressure on the top management for their transfers, postings, deputations and other service matters, it has been revealed on Thursday.

Sources in the FBR told the scribe that it has been observed at top management of the board that some officers and officials who have political background, are exerting political pressure on the top management for their transfers, posting and deputation on their preferred posts within country and abroad.

In this regard, the FBR has issued a circular on Thursday with great concerns. “It has been observed with concern that some officers/officials resort to exerting political pressures on the top management in connection with their transfers/postings/deputations and other service matters in total disregard to the Rule of Government Servants”, said in the circular.

The FBR said that despite repeated warnings, the practice still continues and, therefore, it is once again informed that such act will be considered as “Misconduct” under the Government Servant (Conduct) Rules and attracts disciplinary action under the relevant rules.

The Board has warned to all officers and officials of Inland Revenue Service & Pakistan Customs Service to shun this attitude. Such officers and officials using political influences for service matters have been marked and necessary observations have been placed in their personal dossiers, said in the circular.

These observations will be one of the main considerations at the time of making their career decisions including promotion and disciplinary proceedings besides placement and rotations. Therefore, at the cost of the repetition, all officers and officials of IRS and PCS are once again advised to be cautious of the seriousness of this subject at all times.

The FBR has instructed to all field heads to disseminate this information with the needed seriousness to all officers and officials under their command.

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