ISLAMABAD:- The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Monday laid down the functions of the Directorate of the  Customs Integrated Scanning System through use of latest technology.

According to the SR0 101700/2022, the Directorate of the Customs Integrated Scanning System will plan and manage all matters relating to the establishment of customs integrated scanning system. It will also get control rooms integrated with the scanners installed at any port, terminal or custom station in the country and are used or intended to be used for Customs procedure of Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII).

The Directorate will conduct operations and maintenance of all Customs scanners installed or to be installed under any project such as RCA, PRRP, ITTMS etc. It will also plan and establish the central and local control rooms, wherever needed, and all matters including financial, human resource management for meeting operational requirements of control rooms.

The Directorate will assist the collectorates and the directorates through Non-Intrusive Inspection by interpreting, analyzing and reporting upon scanned images of containers or cargo relating to import, export, transit, transshipment or any other stream of cargo with the help of trained image analysts working at respective control rooms.

According to the functions, it will provide solutions to secure the integrity of bonded cargo being transported from point A to point B, by matching in system the scanned images taken at both points.

It will also work as designated focal point for providing Customs input and requirements relating to existing as well as planned scanners for installation at any custom station, whether these scanners are already procured or to be procured by the FBR or Government of Pakistan or any international organization or donor agency.

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