ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal):- The National Assembly has approved supplementary demands for grants worth of Rs.836 billion for the outgoing fiscal years 2021-22 which was spent due to heavy subsidies and procurement in power and health sectors.

State Minister of Finance Aisha Ghaus Pasha presented the motion to present the 39 supplementary demands for grants before the House.

According to the details, the government has proposed supplementary demands for grants worth of Rs313 billion for Power Division that was give as subsidies to the consumers.

The government also got approval of supplementary demand for grants worth of Rs146.8 billion for Petroleum Division. This amount was also spent for payment regarding Prime Minister’s Package on Petroleum Product Prices and provision of subsidy to LNG sector for zero rated export-oriented Industry.

The govt has also proposed Rs126 billion supplementary demands for grants for National Health Division. The government has spent this amount for Pandemic Response Effectiveness in Pakistan, COVID19 Vaccine Support Project and IVAC Covid-19 Vaccine Support for Pakistan and some other projeccts.
The supplementary demand for grant of Rs102.21 billion for the National Disaster Management Authority was also approved by the NA. The govt has spent this amount for allocation of funds for Emergency Procurement of Vaccine and Humanitarian Assistance to Syria during the outgoing fiscal year.

Rs29 billion for Defense Division was also approved by the National Assembly. The govt has proposed for approval of supplementary demands for grants worth of Rs23 billion for Poverty Alleviation and Social Security Division. This amount was used for Ahsaas Program and other social security programs.

The Govt got approval from the National Assembly worth of Rs18.7 billion for development expenditures of Cabinet Division, Rs16 billion for Industries and Production Division, Rs8.7 billion for Capital Outlay on Civil Works, Rs8 billion for development expenditures of communication Division and Rs7.5 billion for National Food Security.

The National Assembly has also approved the supplementary demands for grants worth of Rs5 billion each for Federal Board of Revenue and Planning Commission, Rs3.4 billion for Information Technology and Telecommunication Division, Rs2 billions each for Airport Security and Water Resources Division.

Federal Board of Revenue has spent this amount for emergency procurement to beef-up’s IT infrastructure to Eliminate Data Security Risk and strengthening of Inland Revenue Enforcement for Monitoring of (a) Track and Trace System (b) good supplied out of Erstwhile FATA/PATA and (c) pint of Sale Integration Project.

The National Assembly also approved the Supplementary Demands for Grands of fiscal year 2019-20, 2020-21

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