ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal):- The ongoing Suki Kinari (SK) Hydropower Project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has achieved another milestone despite the challenges.

According to a statement issued by the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, the completion of the project will add 874 MW of cheap electricity to the national grid.

The Chinese embassy wrote in its tweet that the Suki Kanari Hydropower Project has successfully crossed another milestone despite challenges. Upon completion, the project will add 874 MW of electricity to the national grid.”

It is important to mention here that the Suki Kinari project is under-construction which would be completed in Dec 2022. It is run-of-the-river hydro power project located on the Kunhar river in the Kaghan valley of Mansehra District Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which has an installed generation capacity of 874 MW. Its estimated cost is around $2 billion.

The project is being built on a “Build, Own, Operate and Transfer” basis in accordance with Government of Pakistan’s Policy for Power Generation Projects 2002

The Government of Pakistan has agreed to purchase electricity from SK Hydro at a cost of 8.8415 cents per kilowatt-hour for the 30 years on the cost-plus basis.

The project’s deal was finalized in 2014 during the tenure of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif with the financial closure occurring in January 2017. The project is sponsored by Chinese state-owned company Gezhouba Group, and is being constructed as part of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor‘s “Early Harvest” projects.

The dam will be constructed as a 54.5 meter high and 336 meter wide concrete gravity dam with 2 gated spillways. 4 X 218 MW turbines are to be installed as part of the project, and will generate approximately 870 MW of electricity in total.

Construction of the dam will result in the formation of a 3.1 kilometer long reservoir with a capacity of 9 million cubic meters of water. It will not cause large scale displacement of populations as no villages or towns will be inundated by the resulting dam’s reservoir, although a four kilometer section of the Kaghan-Naran highway will have to be diverted as a result of construction works and the resulting reservoir.

Accompanying transmission lines will be constructed by Pakistan’s National Transmission and Dispatch Company, and is not considered complementary to the project, but is to be constructed separately from the dam itself.

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