ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal):- The National Assembly likely to approve on Monday (today) charged expenditure of Rs27.886 trillion including Rs19. 6 trillion for repayments of domestic debt, Rs4 trillion for debt servicing for fiscal year 2022-23.

The charged expenditure is includes demands for grants and appropriations for the financial year which would be Rs1426 billion higher from the current fiscal year. The expenditure will be charged from the federal consolidated fund.

According to the Constitution of Pakistan, all revenues received by the federal government, all loans raised by the government and all moneys received by it in repayment of any loan, shall be part of a federal consolidated fund.

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The charged expenditure of Pakistan Post Office Department has been calculated Rs100 million for next fiscal year.  

The charged expenditures including repayment of domestic debt was decreased to Rs.19,654 billion for repayment of domestic debt during next fiscal year as compared to Rs.21,617 billion during the current fiscal year.

The government has calculated the charged expenditure for repayment of Rs.511 billion on debt servicing of foreign loan, Rs3439 billion for debt servicing of domestic loans,  Rs.19.654 trillion for repayment of domestic debt, Rs142.77 billion on repayment of short term foreign credits and Rs297 billion for external development loans and advance by the Federal Government for next fiscal year.

Foreign currency notes are being counted

The charged expenditure of Rs.3.458 billion for superannuation allowances and pensions, Rs.22 billion for grants in aid and miscellaneous adjustments between federal and provincial governments and Rs500 million for other expenditure of Foreign Affairs Division have been projected for the next fiscal year.

The government has calculated charged expenditures Rs.312 million for Law and Justice Division, Rs2.70 billion for the National Assembly and Rs.2.34 billion for the Senate for the next fiscal year.

Building of th Awan-Saddar Islamabad

The charged expenditures was also projected of Rs.411 million for the Staff, Household and Allowance of the President (Public), Rs.645 million for the Staff, Household and Allowance of the President (Personal), Rs3.1 billion for Supreme Court,  Rs, 1.12 billion for Islamabad High Court, Rs6.1 billion for Audit, Rs6.3 billion for Election, Rs100 million for Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection against Harrasment of Women at work place, Rs943 million for Wafaqi Mohtasib and Rs306 million for Federal Tax Ombudsman.

Before approval of the charged expenditure, discussion under clause (1) of Article 82 of the Constitution of Pakistan would be held in the National Assembly. 

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