The European Council has granted status of candidates to Ukraine and Moldova for the membership of the union.

According to a report of foreign media, the European Council President Charles Mitchell announced on Thursday that both Ukraine and the European country Moldova have been granted EU candidate status.

He described the decision of the European Council as a historic moment and called on Ukraine and Moldova to take an important step towards the European Union today.

Ukraine has called for EU status a “psychological boost” and said real integration could only begin once the war was over.

It is important to mention here that the Ukraine had applied for EU membership in February 2022, just days after the Russian invasion in the country. The EU has completed process with the record speed.

After Ukraine, the European country Moldova also applied to join the European Union due to the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine.

It should be noted that getting the status of a candidate is the first official step towards EU membership, but joining it can take many years and there is no guarantee of success.

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