ISLAMABAD (our reporter):- The Foreign Office of Pakistan has summoned the Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan and lodged a strong protest over irresponsible remarks by a Canadian Member of Parliament.

A Foreign Office spokesman confirmed to the BBC’s Farhat Javed that Pakistan had summoned the Canadian High Commissioner and served him strong demarche on Thursday.

The Canadian envoy was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a strong demarche was served over the “irresponsible and undiplomatic” remarks by Canadian MP Tom Kmiec over the internal affairs of Pakistan.

The diplomat was told that the recent statement against Pakistan and the military leadership by the Canadian lawmaker were against diplomatic norms and highly irresponsible.

On June 17, a video surfaced from the Canadian Parliament in which MP Tom Kumch questioned the Canadian Minister of Defense about Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s canceled visit to Canada in 2020.

Tom Kumch appears to be making a variety of allegations during this question.

In the video, Tom Kmiec says, “Canadian Defense Ministry documents show that General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s proposed visit to Canada in 2020 was approved with a US$50,000 of public money, but this visit was cancelled due to Covid-19. Is this was reasonable visit?

In response, Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Brian May said, “I agree with the opposition member (Tom Kmiec) that this is not reasonable to expense huge amount. I am not aware of the current situation in this regard, he further said.

The video of this dialogue has been shared on social media in Pakistan several times in the last several days.

Tom , a Member of Parliament, has made a number of statements regarding Pakistan in the past and during the parliamentary proceedings in 2018, he also presented a resolution against the alleged “human rights violations” in Pakistan.

He said in the House of Commons that the government of Pakistan should be pressured to protect the rights of minorities and to abolish discriminatory laws and to make Canadian aid to Pakistan conditional on ensuring human rights.

The Canada-based Sindhi Foundation organized a protest rally in front of the Pakistani high commission and delivered a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding the alleged human rights violation of people of Sindh.

Tom Kmiec had visited the protest site and said he recognized the agonies of Sindhi people whose minority, girls are forcibly converted to Islam, and political dissident youths have enforcedly disappeared.

Kmiec is accused of campaigning for groups hostile towards the state of Pakistan. He supported the solidarity walk Freedom Walk for Sindh’s human rights.

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