ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal) :- The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has sought the powers to block mobile phone, mobile SIM and other utilities service including electricity and gas connections of those persons who are not in active taxpayer list but liable to file return under the law.

The Federal Board of Revenue has presented amendments in the Income Tax Ordinance through new Finance Bill and sought the powers to enforce filing of returns.

According to the proposed amendment, the Board shall have the powers to issue income tax general order in respect of persons who are not appearing on active taxpayers’ list but are liable to file return under the provisions of the Ordinance.  

The income tax general order issued under sub-section (1) may entail any or all of the following consequences for the persons mentioned therein, namely:–

(a) Disabling of mobile phones or mobile phone SIMS;

(b) Discontinuance of electricity connection; or

(c) Discontinuance of gas connection.

The FBR also proposed that. “The Board or the relevant Commissioner may order restoration of mobile phones, mobile phone SIMS and connections of electricity and gas, in cases where he is satisfied that —

(a) The return has been filed; or

(b) Person was not liable to file return under the provisions of the Ordinance”.

The Board also made it clear that authorities have not power to block the utilities connections unless notice has been issued, date of compliance of the notice has elapsed and the person has not filed the return.

It is said that, “the action shall not preclude any other action provided under the provisions of the Ordinance.”

The FBR also proposed amendments in the subsection 3 of section of 121 of the Ordinance. According to the amendments the Board has proposed, “an assessment order by the relevant commissioner of Inland Revenue Service shall only be issued within six years instead of five years after the end of the tax year or the income year to which it relates”.          

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