ISLAMABAD:- The coalition government has unveiled new budget in Parliament on Friday.

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The government has projected tax collection of Rs7004 billion for FBR during fiscal year 2022-23.

The government also expects that it will collect Rs2000 billion through non tax revenue.

Out of total non tax revenue, the govt proposed to get Rs750 billion from Petroleum levy.

The Minister said that there is tax evasion of Rs3 trillion in the country.

The government has proposed Rs808 billion for PSDP for next fiscal year.

The government will pay Rs3950 billion as debt servicing during next fiscal year

The federal government will transferred Rs4100 billion to provincial government under NFC Award.

The Government will also pay Rs1523 billion for defence expenditures.

The government will also pay Rs550 billion for running civil government and Rs530 billion for pension.

It will also spend Rs1242 billion for grants and transfers to provinces.

It has also proposed to allocate Rs 100 billion for disasters/emergency/covid.

The government has also increased 15 percent in salaries of government employees.

It will also borrowed Rs3.8 trillion for bridge the budget deficit during next fiscal year

The government will also hope to get Rs96 billion through privatization proceeds.

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