ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal):- The Former Finance Minister and leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N Miftah Ismail has claimed that the 7140 megawatt power plants are shutdown due to different reasons which is leading country in power shortage in the country.

The document shows that nine power plants capacity of 3535 megawatt are under forced outage due to fuel shortage and 18 power plants capacity of 3605 megawatt are under forced outage due to technical fault.  

Miftah issued a paper in this regard after a meeting presided by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif with high officials of Power Ministry on availability of electricity in the country.

Prime Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif chairs a meeting on Energy Sector in Islamabad on 14th April, 2022.

According to the paper, the liberty power plant capacity of 210 megawatt is closed since Dec 18, 2021 for indefinite period due to gas supply disconnection by SNGPL on account of no-payment. The Rousch power plant capacity of 410 megawatt, nandipur capacity of 525 megawatt, FKPCL capacity of 140 megawatt and GTPS Faisalabad capacity of 120 megawatt are faulted for the indefinite period since Dec 13, 2021 due to non-availability of RLNG.

The paper shows that the HCPC power plant capacity of 120 megawatt doesn’t give production from 4 Oct 2019 for indefinite period due to gas supply agreement expired. The Jamshoro power plant capacity of 549 megawatt since 09 April 2022 and Muzzafargarh power plant capacity of 840 megawatt from 08 April 2022 for indefinite period due to non availability of RFO and Sahiwal coal unit no 2 capacity of 621 megawatt from 20 March 2022 for 20 April 2022 due to low coal inventory.

The report shows that 18 power plants are also closed due to technical fault currently which have production capacity of 3605 megawatt.

The Engro Thar Coal power plants capacity of 602 megawatt closed from 11 and 13 March 2022 to 15 April 2022 due to conyer belt problem. The Port Qasim power plant capacity of 621 megawatt from 31 March to 1st May 2022 due to boiler water wall tube leakage, Guddu 747 capacity of 249 megawatt from 12 Feb 2021 to 15 June 2022 and Guddu power plant capacity of 255 megawatt from 08 April 2022 to 19 April 2022 due to HRSG leakage. The TPS Guddu power plants capacity of 625 megawatt are also not working for indefinite period due to stream turbine issue. The TPS power plant capacity of 130 megawatt is also not working from 24 March 2013 for indefinite period due to generator and turbine foundation damaged.

The Muzzafargarh Power Plant capacity of 245 megawatt from 1st July 2019 due to unit transformer red phase damaged, Engro Power capacity of 223 megawatt from 7 April due to ST Vibration issue, Kapco power plant capacity of 150 megawatt from 12 April 2022 due to HRSG 14 issue,  Jamshoro Power Plant capacity of 155 megawatt from 1st April 2022 due to united Transformed red phase damaged and Pakgen power plant capacity of 350 megawatt from 12 April 2022 due to boiler leakage are closed.

 Miftah said that this was due to only PTI’s incompetency or corruption on both.

While responding on the facts of Miftah, Former Energy Minister in PTI Government Hammad Azhar said that, these plants are in the private sector. There’s enough fuel in the country but if you couldn’t get it to them or monitor it properly then stop blaming others.

A new nuclear plant of 1200 MW is producing this month too but still you couldn’t manage, he twitted.

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