Robot artist ‘Ai-Da’ sketches using a pencil attached to her robotic arm, while standing next to a painting based on her computer vision data when run through algorithms developed by computer scientists in Oxford, Britain June 4, 2019. Reuters

Developments in the field of science never stop surprising people especially when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Meet Ai-Da, who is humanoid robot named after mathematician and computer pioneer Ada Lovelace.

Ai-Da is not only “mathematically” smart but uses her intelligence for something as humane as art.

Her eyes work as camera lenses that capture a photo of the subject. She then uses the image as a reference for painting.

Ai-Da takes about 45 minutes to 75 minutes to create a portrait and about five hours for a larger piece of art,

Ai-Da looks like any artist at work as she studies her subject and puts pencil to paper. But the beeping from her bionic arm gives her away – she’s a robot. See more in this week’s tech playlist via @ReutersTV

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