ISLAMABAD:- The list of No-confidence Motion by the joint opposition parties extending to the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of National Assembly on their biased approach and remarks on No-Trust motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In this regard, opposition parties have prepared a draft of no-confidence motion against the Speaker Asad Qaisar and Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri and sent it to the leadership with the sign of 80 MNAs. the sources said.

As per the draft of the no-trust move, the NA speaker and his deputy have been accused of being biased. It said that the duo has violated the rules as they have not yet resigned from their party’s posts.

The duo has been running the house as per the directions of their party and instead of remaining neutral, they have been exhibiting a biased attitude against the Opposition, the sources said quoting the draft.

“Asad Qaiser and Qasim Khan Suri have been attending the party meetings held with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair,” it added.

The fate of the duo is expected to be decided in a meeting of the heads of the Opposition parties scheduled for Monday, the sources added. 

The joint opposition on Saturday took strong exception to NA Speaker Asad Qaiser’s remarks about the possibility of failure of the no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan. 

They had said that the speaker could not make partisan statements, and he exhibited a biased attitude against the Opposition.

The PPP Parliamentary leader in Senate Sherry Rehman had said that his act by itself renders himself unfit to preside over any such session, and by saying that the vote of no-confidence was a foreign conspiracy, he was suggesting that the PTI government was only in place due to foreign support. 

“Is he a PTI office-bearer or the speaker of Pakistan’s National Assembly, where he was supposed to safeguard the integrity of the outcome by remaining neutral,” she had added.

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