Despite the elevated prices and others odd conditions, Suzuki Alto, Toyota Corola and Honda City performed as the best selling in Pakistan during February 2022.

According to the market analysis, the sale of some brands of Suzuki, Honda and Toyota are showing that the price hike didnt affect its demand in the country.

The market analysis shows that the five brands of auto industry in Pakistan has performed well.

The Suzuki Alto remained top performer in Pakistan auto industry during last month. The Suzuki Alto has become a fitting replacement for the legendary Mehran. PSMC sold 7,175 units of the Alto, making it the number one best-selling car in Pakistan for the 2nd consecutive month since the beginning of 2022.

High growth in sales of this brands also shows that the purchasing power of the countrymen due to tight financial position of the country causing squeezing jobs and business activities in the country.

Despite having a relatively large price and also facing high taxes in Pakistan , the Toyota Corolla has reclaimed the ‘best-selling sedan’ title in Pakistan, beating Honda City by a hair. Toyota IMC sold 2,203 units of the Corolla in February 2022, making it the second best-selling car of the month for the second consecutive time.

The new Honda City has evidently dethroned Toyota Yaris as the best-selling subcompact sedan in Pakistan. There is reports that the HACL sold 2,146 units of the City in February 2022, making it the second best-selling sedan in the country.

People have found the 6th gen City to be a massive upgrade over its predecessor — the fifth generation City. Although, its popularity will likely persuade HACL to keep it on sale in Pakistan for another decade.

The Honda Cultus has too observed fabulous sales in Pakistan lately. The vehicle had fewer sales than the Corolla and the City for the past two months. In February 2022, PSMC sold 1,694 units of the Cultus, making it the fourth best-selling car of the month.

The Wagon R, once again, has placed itself at top-five position in Pakistan. THe PSMC sold a remarkable 1,646 units of the Wagon R. These figures have landed the Wagon R among the best-selling vehicles in Pakistan for the 2nd consecutive time this year, making it a consistent top performer.

February 2022 revealed some interesting car sales figures due to the recent tax and price hikes. In the most interesting development, Toyota Yaris, which was once the best-selling sedan in the market, didn’t even make it in the top 5. Furthermore, even though Hyundai Tucson witnessed a massive rise in sales, it still couldn’t crack the 1000 unit mark. 

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