Qatar’s Ambassador to Pakistan Sheikh Saoud bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani Thursday said Qatar is set to sign an agreement with Pakistan to import skilled manpower.

Adviser to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Ayub Afridi hosted Ambassador of State of Qatar to Pakistan Sheikh Saoud bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani at his office and discussed areas to promote and facilitate Pakistani migrants in Qatar.

The ambassador informed the adviser that the Qatari government is importing skilled Pakistani labor and Pakistani security personnel have been engaged for five-year contracts. He informed the adviser that other nationality holders are only offered quarterly contracts.

The adviser told the Qatari ambassador that Pakistan is looking to explore the skilled and professional employment market in Qatar that is currently occupied by other competitors. He further stated that Pakistan has sent more than 3500 doctors, nurses, and technicians to Kuwait during the pandemic and 3000 more are in the pipeline. He informed that Saudi Arabia is also recruiting hundreds of medical professionals. Qatar, being an old good friend, should also explore such an offer.

The ambassador said that he is looking forward to the ministry’s comprehensive proposal and is ready to sign MOUs with the government for the promotion of skilled immigration. He said that being a student to a Pakistani flight instructor he has massive affection towards Pakistani expatriates in Qatar. The envoy said that he has already helped to increase the number of Pakistani expatriates in the country to over 110,000.

He said that more than 53 security agencies have been reached by Qatar for security personnel for their newly built stadiums on quarterly contracts but more than 5000 Pakistani security personnel are being hired on five-year contracts. He stated that Pakistani professionals, especially doctors, are world-renowned for their skills and he would wish for maximum skilled immigrants to be recruited by Qatar.

The ambassador said that, apart from the state offices in Islamabad and Karachi, new offices in Peshawar and Lahore will be opened soon to facilitate the people of both nations. The adviser thanked him for the visit by stating that frequent interactions will be carried out in the future for the promotion of immigration to Qatar.

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