LONDON (our reporter):- The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to resign over the the report of Parygate scandal.

Boris Johnson was giving answers in the British Common House on Wednesday. Johnson was grilled by UK opposition leader Keir Starmer on Wednesday before the release of an official report into allegations of partying during lockdown.

Starmer accused Johnson of changing his story over the gatherings and misleading parliament, an offence which the prime minister agreed should trigger a resignation.

Asked if he would step down, Johnson replied, “No.”

Johnson said, “I don’t deny it, and for all sorts of reasons, many people may want me out of the way, but the reason why he (Starmer) wants me out of the way is because he knows this government can be trusted to deliver”.

“We’ve taken the tough decisions, we’ve got the big calls right and we’re and in particular I am getting on with the job.”, the Prime Minister said in the Common House.

Johnson said that he will present investigation report of the scandal when he will receive. It is pertinent to mentioned that A senior civil servant Sue Gray investigating the alleged lockdown breaches to the government.

Johnson has previously promised to publish it in full and to address Parliament about its findings.

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