A Dubai court sentenced an Asian couple to six months of imprisonment, followed by deportation, over the charge of assaulting each other. 

A conflict erupted between the convicted couple when the husband informed his wife that he intended to marry another woman.

After the revelation, the wife physically abused her husband and fractured his fingers. In reaction, he slapped her on her ear, causing a 2 percent hearing impairment, Gulf Today reported.

The wife, 25, got surprised when her husband revealed his intentions of marrying another woman, and that he would not fulfill her marital rights anymore, the report said. 

The altercation developed into fighting, which led the man to slap the wife in the face, beat her up, and attempted to strangle her, the report added.

On the other hand, her 24-year-old husband said that his wife had not accepted his decision to marry another woman and that she had assaulted and insulted him by breaking his fingers as she pushed him.

The wife has sustained multiple bruises on the forehead, nose, neck and chest, as well as a punctured hole in the left eardrum.

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