ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal):- Smuggling from India and Iran in the country can be seen in increasing mode during recent years despite despite of number of steps have been taken by the authorities to deal with the menace.
According to the sources in Federal Board of Revenue, hundreds of ton cloth smuggled from India, China and Iran has been smuggled in the country through different avenue. It is also revealed that Afghan Transit trade also be used for the crime.
According to the cases registered during the calendar year 2021, Mostly cases were registered related to illegal cloth, curtains, vehicles in the jurisdiction of Faisalabad Customs Intelligence and Investigation during the last year. According to the list, the Customs officials confiscated 15.130 ton Indian origin Chiffon cloth in thans packed in PP bags bearing stamps of “Afghan Transit Trade” in last year. They also confiscated Curtain Cloth weighting. 25.992 tone from the their jurisdiction last year. The case has been lodged against the culprits.
They also confiscated 4.230 ton Pile Fabric and 15.210 tone curtain during another raid in the area of Faisalabad. 4.890 ton Back Coated Pile Fabric, 5.440 Curtain/Sofa Cloth and 2.300 ton Pile Fabric Embossed were also confiscated during another operation of Faisalabad Customs last year.
Around 63 ton illegal cloth including 17 ton Embossed cloth, 16 tone F/o Pile Printed Cloth, 24.8 ton Pile Plain Cloth 296 kg Blankets (Pile Fabric).and almost 3 tone, Curtain/Poshish Cloth and 1.8 ton F/o Prayer Mat has been confiscated according to a case registered in 2021.
The list indicates that 17,930-Kgs Parachute Cloth of assorted types, in different Colors (in rolls) and 6.6 ton TIANJIN Golden Bridge Welding Electrodes .138.12/E6013 = 330 cartons, each of 20-Kgs (China) also confiscated during the last year, according to a lodged case.
8.12 tone illegal Iranian Skimmed Milk, Tubeless Tyres different Brands and Sizes, Pile Fabric, Printed and aluminum Foil Sheets of different sizes were also confiscated.
Another 27.290 ton chiffon and ladies cloth was also confiscated in another raid by Faisalabad customs intelligence. Tyres for LTV and Iranian Spray Dried Powder were also detected, according to another case.
The officials has also confiscated Iranian toffee, Ceramic tiles etc also confiscated.
A report of the State Banks indicates that bilateral trade between Indian and Pakistan has been narrowed to below to $67 million during the first five months of the current fiscal year due political tension between both rivals. According to the report, Pakistan’s exports to India merely $140 thousand during the first five months of the current fiscal year.
Pakistan’s import from India squeezed to $65.9 million during the first five months from $80 million in the same period of the last fiscal year.
Pakistan didn’t import from or export to Iran due to international trade ban on Iran.
According to some experts, formal trade between the both rivals decreased due to tariff and non-tariff barriers by the each country’s authorities. During the period, informal trade between the neibouring countries through third countries including UAE, Iran and Afghanistan also exists. They also said that some estimates indicate that more than one and half billion informal trade is still exists.

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